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CONGRATULATIONS!! It's your turn to play The SL Family Feud!!!


Yes, your family has been chosen to be one of the 8 families selected to play for the first season of The SL Family Feud!  The show will be played live in front of a studio audience at The Mocha Theater and it will also be recorded and highly advertised.   


Here is what we need from you by Monday, January 11, 2016:

  • The list of the family members that will be playing on your team along with their skype names. Submit them here.

  • A signed copy of the TMC On-air Conduct Agreement from each participating family member. The form is located at,





This is the first season of the game and it will last for 3 months.  There will be 2 shows a month.  The families will play in a tournament style method. 

Here is the tentative schedule!



January 7, 2016 – 5pm slt

The Dexing Family vs The Eyez Family


January 12, 2016 – 5pm slt

The Christenson Family vs The Cortez-Takahashi Family


January 25, 2016 – 5pm slt  SEMIFINAL

The Mancino Family vs The Carolina-Amante Family




February TBA 5pm slt    SEMIFINAL

The Eyez Family vs TBA



March TBA 5pm slt  THE FINALS



Below is a chart of the 8 selected families, it also illustrates the beginning of the road to the grand prize!!



  • All five of your team members must arrive at 4pm SLT at the Theater Guest Lounge.   ( .        

  • Upon arrival each participating family member must log onto his/her Skype.  (All skype accounts should have been submitted on or before Tuesday, January December 6, 2015).

  • Skype must not include 3rd party members. To keep the authenticity of the game please make sure you are using your own answers. Please bring your own creativity to the game and not the impressions of others.



Families will be escorted to The Mocha Theater stage and take their places on the poses assigned to them.  The families will be placed on opposite sides of each other click on the family picture pose and wait for the show to start.  Once the host is announced and its time to play the Family Feud, family members will click on their position at the game podium and sit to be posed


Our host, Mr. Infinite Goodnight will introduce both families and then the game will begin.

Each round begins with a toss-up between two opposing players, with Fin asking a survey question that was previously posed to a group of 100 people. The first player to buzz in gives an answer; if it is the most popular answer, his/her family immediately wins the toss-up. Otherwise, the opponent responds as well and the higher-ranked answer wins. Ties are broken in favor of the player who buzzes in first. If neither player's answer is on the board, the other eight players have a chance to respond, one at a time from alternating sides, until an answer is found. The family that wins the toss-up may choose to play the question or pass control to their opponents.

The family with control of the question now tries to win the round by guessing all of the remaining concealed answers, with each member giving one answer in sequence. Giving an answer not on the board, or failing to respond within the allotted time, earns one strike. If the family earns three strikes, their opponents are given one chance to steal the points for the round by guessing any still-concealed answer; failing to do so awards the points to the family that originally had control.


Answers are worth one point for every person in the 100-member survey who gave them. The winning family in each round scores the total points for all revealed answers to that question, including those given during the toss-up but excluding the one used to steal (if applicable). The number of answers on the board decreases from round to round, and certain rounds are played for double or triple value. The first family to score 300 or more points wins the game and advances to the Fast Money bonus round for a chance to win a cash prize of $5000.


===Fast Money===

The winning family selects two of its members to play this round. The first member has 20 seconds (originally 15) to answer five survey questions, with the second member sequestered backstage so that he/she cannot see or hear the answers. After the point values are revealed and totaled, the board is cleared and the second member is given 25 seconds (originally 20) to answer the same five questions. If this member duplicates a previously given answer, he/she is allowed to give a different one. Either player may pass on a question and return to it after all five have been asked, if there is still time on the clock. If the two members accumulate 200 points or more between them, the family wins the grand prize;


We are so exciting about this game and hope you enjoy your experience!

If you have any questions about orientation, please use the contact information below.


BY FACEBOOK: The Mocha Corporation FB Page





Dime Justice (Diamond.Moeleneaux)

Rei G. Stormwind-Crzz ( Reign.Duport)

Ms. Mocha (Darkebony.Mocha)

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