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Think You Are Hot Enough?




















Do you like to party?
Do you have a wild side?
Are you 18 years old or older?
Do you enjoy making new friends?
Do you have an outgoing personality?
Do you want to make lindens in your spare time? 


If you answered yes, then you may have what it takes to join Mocha’s Monday Nite Madness’ (M3) LEAGUE OF XXXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN.  The Mocha Corporation is an entertainment company that will provide a massive weekly Ladies Night Out that will be spectacular and completely outrageous! No experience?  No worries.  Our men range in many experience levels.  WE WILL TRAIN YOU TO BE XXXTRAORDINARY at our M3 Academy a.k.a. Bootcamp!  You must be available for shows on Monday nights weekly.  Earn Ls while you have fun!  


For males interested in working as an entertainer for us, we are recruiting experienced and novices depending on the personality, type of physique and attractiveness. Please provide a photo that shows your body, physique, so we can see what your avi looks like. YOU MUST BE A MAN. We may branch out into other areas as we grow, but for now MEN ONLY.  Also, you must be willing to invest in upgrading your avi, dances and working on building up a wardrobe of costumes. We will give you direction on how to assemble such a wardrobe for low cost and how to maximize the value of the type of style you will bring to our customers at Mocha’s Monday Night Madness!


You must have either Aeros or Xcite parts….or something comparable. NO FREE PARTS ARE ALLOWED.


Fill out the form below, to be considered. Follow all instructions carefully so that your application does not get discarded. Your picture and application will remain confidential.  We are very selective in our hiring process.  Keep this in mind when applying. Good luck to all applicants, and thank you for your interest in your consideration in working for us.

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