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Since April 20, 2020 (420), SMOCHAS has been a welcoming space that provides SL residents the opportunity to experience beYou and cannabis in a sociable, restaurant-style atmosphere. This full-services haven was created for those who are either beYou or cannabis connoisseurs and/or curious. Our comprehensive menu offers everything from beYou food to small edibles and beverages and all the way up to premium smoking. If you're new to beYou or to cannabis (or haven't consumed in a while), our staff will make recommendations and gladly guide your experience. 


There is nothing like it in existence in Second Life!  We’re excited to set the standard on what a SL-based beYou and cannabis restaurant is and share this rare experience with the SL community.

SMOCHAS Schedule:

Mondays: Mogul Mondays - Krazy Karaoke

Thursdays: ELEVATE


When are reservations available?

Reservations are required to ensure a table or lounge booth.  Reservations are accepted Tuesday - Sunday evenings 5pm -  7pm SLT. Reservations can be made as little as 2 hours in advance.

Make your reservations in the restaurant or on Marketplace at 


Do you accept walk-ins?

Although reservations are preferred, walk-ins are accepted on Thursday - Saturday evenings between 5pm - 7pm SLT.


Do have to be active in beYou to eat at SMOCHAS?

No.  Everyone can eat at SMOCHAS.

Is SMOCHAS a dispensary?

SMOCHAS is not a traditional dispensary– we are a fresh concept straddling the junction between an upscale restaurant, hookah lounge and dispensary.


What products do you offer?

SMOCHAS offers its guests a range of high-quality beYou meals, hookahs, and cannabis blunts and edibles.


What kind of smoking accessories do you offer?

We are slated to offer a variety of accessories in the third quarter of 2021, including:

  • Hookahs

  • Vapes (to come)

  • Additional Blunts and Joints

Do I have to purchase food?

It's not required to order food in the lounge or boutique. Tables in the restaurant's dinging area are reserved for dinner and drinks.


How long can I sit at my table?

As the first of its kind establishment, we hope to cater to as many beYou and cannabis lovers as we possibly can. Due to high demand, guests will have approximately 1.5 hours to decompress and immerse themselves fully in our restaurant.


Am I allowed to take pictures inside?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! We invite all of our guests to document and share their experience at SMOCHAS. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook.


Is there a script limit?

To combat lag, we ask that everyone keeps their script count to under 70.


I want to work for SMOCHAS

That’s terrific! We're always looking to meet people that are excited about beYou or cannabis and working in hospitality.  Please contact Jericah Bradey or Sean Himanez via Facebook. We look forward to meeting you in the future.


I want to host a private event

Fantastic! We love parties! Please contact Jericah Bradley or Ebony Mocha via Facebook for more information on having your private event at SMOCHAS.


I'm with the press and want to do a story on SMOCHAS

We'd love to hear from you. Please contact Ms. Ebony Mocha via Facebook with details.

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