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Introducing TicketCentral!

TicketCentral, Inc. is a Second Life ticket sales outlet. With the goal of becoming a primary ticket outlet, TicketCentral strives to become SL’s primary ticket outlet, selling tickets for SL venues and events all over the grid. TicketCentral’s clients (promoters) control their events, and TicketCentral will function as an agent, selling the tickets for the clients.  This allows the client to concentrate on the event and not the process of selling tickets.

To find out more about this great new company, please contact DarkEbony Mocha.

Ticket Central, Inc. is a subsidiary of The Mocha Corporation.


TicketCentral is very proud to kick off our grand opening with the TMC EBBYSTOCK '17 tickets! Don't miss out on this awesome event! Tickets are limited and only available here at TicketCentral!

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